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Beccy's Trip to Spa- Francorchamps Circuit, Belgium

It’s off to Belgium I go for the 24 Hours of Spa

In July 2016 my journey from Folkston to Belgium began and was the start to what was going to be a very exciting week with no idea what lies ahead.

For those who have not been to Spa before, it’s quite an attractive town in a valley surrounded by hills and countless rivers and springs, very beautiful but the circuit…well that was just awesome! I have never seen a circuit like it! The Circuit de Spa- Francorchamps is one of the classic Grand Prix circuits of the world, it has plenty of exciting corners that push the drivers to the limit. And with the cars now providing more power and less downforce than in previous years, no one is quite sure what to expect or what could happen. The only thing we can expect is a great show.

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